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"""PORTAGE & MAIN'S Central Ontario Dealer!!!"""

Welcome to Boiler Plus Heating Solutions, we are located in MARMORA, ONTARIO and specialize in Outdoor Wood Boiler heating! """CUT YOUR WOOD COMSUMPTION IN 1/2 WITH A PORTAGE AND MAIN OUTDOOR BOILER!!!"""  ""Best Warranty Out There""

Tired of paying ""HIGH OIL"" ,"" HIGH PROPANE""and ""HIGH HYDRO BILLS"" for heating, I can save you $$$$$ Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces Have Been Providing Warmth and Comfort For Families and Businesses Since 1973

The highly efficient Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace, with industry's best warranty, can provide 100% of heating requirements. Also known as outdoor wood boilers, yard furnaces, outdoor hydronic heaters, wood boilers, etc. models are available to heat homes, multiple buildings, greenhouses, shops, hot tubs, pools, domestic water and more. They easily adapt to new or existing forced air and hydronic heating distribution systems. Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces have a model and size for every heating need-- residential or commercial. Portage & Main Heating units are being proclaimed as "Best boilers ever" by the consumers.

Gasification Optimizer 250

""NEW for 2013 BL 2840, BL 3444, BL3848""

A ""Canadian"" Company with a Well Built Reputation for Quality Wood Boilers Introduces 3 New Wood Gasification Models to their Well Established Product Line.


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""Check out our CATALOG PAGE to see why Portage and Main boilers out perform other makes!!"" Click on Pictures.
ML 30